Welcome to MOOR. We invest in exceptional entrepreneurs with the passion to bring daring ideas into reality. Our primary focus is the digital space and we particularly like disruptive ideas that challenge the way we see the world today.

Seeds for growth

As a private investment company funded by a highly successful serial entrepreneur we can act differently and more flexibly than most other VCs. Our investment approach is opportunistic in terms of size, stage and geography. Our overhead is limited, we invest on the same terms as the entrepreneurs and our timeline to close a deal is short. We are passionate in supporting our portfolio companies and make a real personal commitment to each one.


Early birds

We focus on early-stage companies. Sometimes so early that they are just a brilliant idea on a whiteboard. The start-up phase is hard; more companies fail than make it big. Success comes from tenacious teams working together through the challenges that they will inevitably face. Our experienced team helps talented entrepreneurs overcome their early hurdles and quickly grow the company on a global scale.

We understand

Our background is similar to yours - the money we invest is derived from entrepreneurship. We've personally faced a lot of the challenges an early-stage company encounters, and we've certainly made our share of mistakes. We understand what you are facing and bring our experiences, resources, network and efforts together, to create a team that is committed to working with you for the long haul.

In the making

We're a dedicated, active partner. This means that we will only invest in your company if we can offer you the right knowledge combined with capital. Directly, or via our network, we can broaden your management team and we will always take a seat on the board. We offer hands-on help in building your business and refining your ideas for success.

In it for the long run

As an investor with the financial capacity to follow your company through further investment rounds, we are in it for the long run. With our evergreen approach, we don't exit a company until it makes sense for its future growth. After all, the greatest companies evolve through continuous innovation.